Funding, fundraising and events

Not-for-profits seek funding in many ways - including, asking for private donations, holding fundraising events and competitions, and seeking government or philanthropic grants.

Fundraising and events
Fundraising and events take a lot of work and can be very rewarding for not-for-profit organisations. Getting the right permits and insurance in place from the start will make sure these events run smoothly.

A range of laws can apply when fundraising or holding events. It’s important to plan well in advance, as permits and licenses are often required, and these can take weeks for government departments to process. Legal requirements for events and fundraising are often state-specific, which means if your event or fundraising crosses states you will need to consider and comply with the requirements in each state.

Remember when advertising and promoting your fundraising and events, laws apply to your communications as well (see our page on advertising and communications for more information).

Grants are another common method for raising money as a not-for-profit. Grants can be a great way to grow your organisation, but can also come with significant administrative and contractual obligations.