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External Conflict

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If you have received letters or documents that look like someone is trying to take your not-for-profit organisation to court, don't mess around! Often, tight timeframes apply for defending legal actions so you need to understand the basics and get legal advice ASAP.

Our fact sheet 'Being taken to court' will provide you with basic information about:

  • how your organisation will find out that legal action is being taken against you
  • what you should do about that
  • the costs of going to court, and 
  • other court-related documents that your organisation might receive.

Remember you can attempt to use mediation to resolve a dispute, and this may be a more cost effective approach. For more information go to the Not-for-profit Law page on Mediation.

The fact sheet below provides information about going to court in Victoria.

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The fact sheet below provides information about going to court in New South Wales.

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  • NSW Courts and Tribunal Services
    This link is to a website that provides details of many NSW courts and tribunals. It does not include details of federal courts and tribunals (such as the Family Court, Federal Court, AIRC etc.)

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