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Volunteers and the Law

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Does your community organisation engage volunteers? Do you know the legal difference between paid and unpaid workers?

The way the law applies to volunteers can be complex and confusing. This popular session steps participants through the components of a successful and legally-compliant volunteer program. Topics we cover include: 

  • The legal differences between a volunteer, an employee and an independent contractor
  • Other forms of unpaid work (such as vocational placements, internships, work trials, work for the dole, and court ordered 'volunteering')
  • Volunteer selection process and equal opportunity laws
  • Volunteer screening and background checks
  • How to meet the ‘duty of care’ your organisation owes to volunteers
  • An organisation’s legal responsibility for the actions of its volunteers
  • The importance of volunteer insurance
  • Reimbursing or paying volunteers
  • Volunteers records, personal information and privacy
  • Reviewing volunteer performance and having difficult conversations
  • Ending the volunteer relationship
  • Top tips for managing an effective and legally-compliant volunteer program

“These sessions should be mandatory for community organisations – such valuable information and a great chance to discuss concepts and apply to experiences” (Carol Pawsey, Wavlink Neighbourhood House)

“Really engaging and easy language. It’s great to discuss the laws involving volunteers in a way that relates to our organisation – great session. (Stephanie, Sacred Heart Mission)

A great seminar, practical and well organised! I have a better understanding of how laws treat volunteers and how to prevent risks and act on them

Very informative seminar; should be compulsory for all volunteer organisations

The seminar provided a great overview of issues that volunteer coordinators should be considering and managing before ever interacting with volunteers. The speakers also included useful vocabulary in framing and/or communicating the volunteer-organisation relationship.”

“A quality presentation which greatly enriched my understanding of legal considerations for the development & improvement of our organisation's volunteer program.”

Suitable for people involved in managing or coordinating volunteers in a not-for-profit community organisation (or local government)

Standard length 6 hours as a full-day, comprehensive overview of the laws relating to volunteer. This training can also be run in an abridged 3-hour session

Facilitator lawyer from NFP Law with expertise in charity and not-for-profit law and experience in providing training to community groups 



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