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How to use the Not-for-profit Law website

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The Not-for-profit Law website has been designed to be easy to use. However there are still some handy tips for the quickest and easiest way to use this site. The tips are set out below. 


When you first enter the site, you are asked to select one or more jurisdictions. You can change this selection at any time by clicking on the jurisdiction tab in the tool bar at the top of every page.  If you want to see all the site's content, you can choose 'all'.


You can use the site's search function to help find information. If you are viewing the site in a particular jurisdiction, search results for other jurisdictions will have that state listed next to the search result.


The topic tiles on the home page give a quick preview of the topics covered if you click on the plus sign on the tile. This can help you quickly identify which topic will be most helpful for you. If you click on the tile picture, you will go to that topic's landing page.

Many of the topic landing pages have an introductory video that will give you an overview of the key concepts in that topic. 

You can access quick links to the other topics in the 'Browse Topics' drop down menu at the top of the page, and in the footer at the bottom of each page. 

To return to the home page, click on the Information Hub logo at the top of the page.


Many content pages have tags at the bottom of the page. If you click on the tag you will see all the site's content that has been labeled with the same tag. 

Other sections of the website


The training sections covers Not-for-profit Law's training programs for individuals (including seminars and webinars), community groups and lawyers. 

Legal advice

This section explains the ways in which Not-for-profit Law can help, including eligibility guidelines for legal assistance. 

Law reform

Keep up to date on Not-for-profit Law's policy and law reform work, particularly the #fixfundraising campaign. 


The News section provides general updates on new resources, sector news and changes and developments in the law that affect not-for-profits and charities. 

Last Updated: 30 August 2017