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Governing a Community Organisation

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Do you fully understand your legal duties as a board or a committee member?

As a committee or board member of a community organisation, it’s important you are fully aware of your legal responsibilities. This essential training will help you better understand:

  • The legal role of committee members as decision makers
  • The difference between governance and management
  • The legal status and structure of your organisation and what this means for governance
  • The importance of your organisation’s rules and legal purpose or objects
  • The four main legal duties of committee members
  • Other laws that you should be aware of as a committee member
  • Potential liabilities and how to protect yourself and your organisation

“It is very important for committee members to understand their roles and responsibilities. This training is a must for committee members.” (Kawalpreet Singh, Sikh Interfaith Council of Victoria Inc)

“The information was great, the examples were perfect to clarify and the activities were great for cementing the information” (Waminda Community House)

Suitable for people involved in (or thinking of becoming involved in) not-for-profit community organisations of all sizes and legal structures, including unincorporated groups

Standard length 3 hours

Maximum number of participants 30 (if you think your group will exceed 30 participants please contact us to discuss further)

Facilitator One of our lawyers with expertise in charity and not-for-profit law and experience in providing training to community groups


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