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Training costs




For Profits

1.5 hour webinar




3 hours




Full day




  1. Please note the above prices are base prices and do not include GST. Where extra customisation is required further costs may apply.
  2. Travel costs and out-of-hours training times will be added to the base prices listed above.
  3. Our prices do not include room hire, so make sure that you have space available for face-to-face training.  
What does the training session price include?

The session price for all our training sessions includes:

  • preparation and delivery of training session by a lawyer with expertise in not-for-profit and charity law and experience in delivering training to community organisations
  • preparation of participant materials
  • administration costs
  • a training evaluation report, sent to the client after completion of the training

The session price generally does not include:

  • venue hire (this is the responsibility of the client)
  • catering (if required, this is the responsibility of the client)
  • printing (this is the responsibility of the client)
  • travel and accommodation costs of training lawyer (if applicable)

Training terms and conditions

How do we book a training session?

If you are interested in booking a training session, we will discuss your training needs with you and then provide you with a Training Proposal which will includes details of the training, the dates and timing of the training, our terms and conditions and a quote.

The quote is valid for six months from the date of the training proposal.

If your organisation would like to proceed with the training we ask that you confirm acceptance of the training proposal in writing (eg. by email). We cannot start work on training materials or reserve dates in our training calendar until we receive written acceptance of our training proposal.

When is payment for the training due?

As soon as the training has been confirmed, we will send out an invoice (from Justice Connect). Our standard terms are for payment to be received before the date of the training, however we can negotiate with clients on this issue.

Terms and conditions for postponing and cancelling training

We will provide you with a training proposal which will include details of the training and a quote.

The training proposal is valid for six months from the date of the proposal.

Once your organisation confirms in writing they accept the training proposal, and a training date has been fixed, the following terms apply:

Cancelling training

Once this quote has been accepted, we are not able to provide refunds for cancelled training.

Changing training date or location

Requests to change the training (e.g. date, location or content) will be accommodated if at least five weeks' notice is provided, subject to our capacity to accommodate requests. You will be responsible for costs incurred by us (if any) associated with these changes.

Requests to change training within five weeks of the booked training date will be accommodated at our discretion. We may refuse to accommodate change requests within five weeks of the booked training date and the client may choose to retain this booking or cancel. We do not provide cancellation refunds. 

Who owns the intellectual property of training materials?

We retain ownership of all intellectual property in training materials developed for clients. Please contact us for more details about this.

Can we circulate materials to participants who can’t attend?

Please contact us to discuss this and we will make an agreement about distribution of training materials.


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