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Not-for-profit Law is excited to launch its Tax Concessions Guide web application, which helps not-for-profit organisations work out if they are eligible, or remain eligible for income tax exemption. Find it here. 

The app asks users a series of simple questions, and then produces a bespoke, downloadable report providing only the most relevant and useful information based on the user's answers. The report provides guidance on an organisation's existing tax concessions, registering as a charity, and income tax exemption. It will save organisations hours of time (reading and understanding legal information) and potential financial savings from not having to pay income tax.
This is the second app that Not-for-profit Law has developed in partnership with Melbourne University Law School (MLS) and Neota Logic, an intelligent software provider focused on the legal sector. Our first, the 'Getting Started app’, guides start-up groups through key structuring decisions (read more here and access it here).
The building of this app was also made possible due to significant support from one of Justice Connect’s member law firms, Herbert Smith Freehills and their charity law specialist, Samantha Loff. Ms Loff said: "I loved working on this app. It was really challenging to translate a complex area of law into a form that was logical, and could be readily understood and applied by not-for-profit organisations. It certainly forced me to think very differently. But more importantly, it was a fantastic project because I believe that it will save not-for-profits organisations time, confusion and money that is better directed to serve their purposes. I really hope that lots of organisations can benefit from using the app.”
MLS student and Neota Logic employee, Kenji Yamada, said: "It was a really rewarding experience working with Justice Connect and Herbert Smith Freehills, to streamline access to what is a very complex legal area.  It’s fantastic to know that we are making the law more accessible to those who need it."
Neota Logic Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Julian Uebergang, said: “We are delighted to see Justice Connect continue their innovation journey and create another access to justice application.” 

The web app forms part of Justice Connect’s focus on digital innovation – providing new ways of efficiently providing legal information online through sophistical strategies and impactful products. Find out more here.
We would like to also thank the Telematics Course Development Fund for their financial support of this project.

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