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Do you have a legal enquiry and are you based in Queensland?

LawRight is a not-for-profit organisation that coordinates pro bono (free or reduced cost) legal assistance for eligible not-for-profit organisations.

A matter is eligible if:

  • the use of pro bono assistance is justified, meaning that the likelihood of success and risks of taking on the case are supported by the important social justice issues of the case; and
  • the applicant requires legal assistance, and the matter could not, for example, be resolved through negotiation or other practical options.

LawRight cannot assist organisations that can afford private legal help.

LawRight prioritises free legal help to those organisations which have charitable purposes, address individual and community disadvantage and serve a wide group of people. LawRight generally cannot assist sporting organisations, religious organisations and corporate foundations but may be able to assist with a specific legal problem where there is legal merit in doing so and securing a resolution of the problem is in the public interest.

To ensure help is prioritised to those NFPs, LawRight will ask NFPs to describe:

  • The aim and purpose of the organisation;
  • The method in which the organisation will be managed or run;
  • The main activities or services the organisation will provide;
  • The short and long term funding requirements of the organisation and how these requirements will be met;
  • Whether existing groups, organisations or charities and relevant stakeholders support the establishment of a new organisation;
  • The skills the applicants have in managing a not-for-profit organisation;
  • The skills or expertise the applicants have in the proposed area of operation; and
  • That all other available external resources (as outlined below) for setting up not-for-profit organisations have been exhausted.

Assessment of applications can take around 2 weeks, but urgent applications can be considered. LawRight needs time to gather information about the NFP and the legal issue, and to send a request to member firms seeking assistance.

More information is available here.

To find out if your organisation can get free legal advice from a pro bono lawyer through QPILCH, you need to complete an application form.

You can also call 07 3846 6317 or email at

Last Updated: 09 August 2017

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