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LALC Project

Justice Connect’s Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC) Project provides targeted, practical and culturally appropriate free legal assistance to 120 LALCs across NSW. 

See below for a snapshot of the first year of the LALC Project:

How we assist LALCs

Legal information 

We are developing customised legal information resources (such as fact sheets and checklists) for the LALC network on a range of legal topics. 

For further information on legal information resources for LALCs, see our Legal information page

The Not-for-profit Law website also has over 300 legal information resources for not-for-profit community organisations, which LALCs may find useful. 

Legal training 

The LALC Project will be delivering legal training on a range of topics across NSW over the coming months.

For further information on upcoming legal training sessions for LALCs, visit our Legal training page

Not-for-profit Law also regularly runs webinar and seminars on a range of common legal issues faced by not-for-profit community organisations.

Legal advice

The LALC Project can provide LALCs with tailored legal advice through free telephone advice for simple legal matters, or a referral for free legal assistance from one of our member law firms for more complex legal matters.

Eligibility criteria applies to legal advice requests. We prioritise providing free legal advice to LALCs that can’t afford to pay for legal assistance.

The LALC Project is unable to provide legal advice on the following matters:

  • requests for assistance from individual LALC members
  • land claim applications
  • native title issues (apart from non-claimant applications)
  • internal disputes (such as a dispute between individual board members or LALC members)
  • complicated disputes including where court action has been taken or is likely to be taken, or
  • second opinions from a lawyer or barrister.
Referring you to another body who may more appropriately help

If you are unsure if we are able to assist, we encourage you to make contact with us to discuss your legal matter. If we are unable to assist you, we will aim to find a more appropriate service that can assist (including other free legal service providers where appropriate).

Contact Us

If your LALC would like to enquire about free legal assistance, training or information resources, please contact the LALC Project Lawyer Geraldine Menere on (02) 8599 2125 or email, or submit your enquiry through our online legal enquiry form.

Last Updated: 04 April 2018

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