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The time to #FixFundraising was yesterday

What is #FixFundraising?  

Australia’s fundraising laws are a mess. If a charity or community group wants to raise money, they need to apply for a fundraising licence in every state they raise money in. Before the internet, this may not have mattered, but in these days of online crowdfunding, most fundraising is national.  

Justice Connect's campaign to #FixFundraising has long advocated for charities and not-for-profits to be able to focus on the vital services they exist to deliver, instead of sinking resources into complying with outdated and complicated regulations. 

How can I help?  

Your support is vital to help us advocate for a single national scheme for the regulation of charitable fundraising. Sign up to receive the latest campaign news and updates. 

Join the campaign 

To find out more about the #FixFundraising campaign, take a look at our campaign video.  


Last Updated: 16 December 2020

The campaign so far

14 December 2020

The #fixfundraising coalition and its supporters call on federal, state, and territory governments to implement a nationally-consistent, contemporary and fit-for-purpose charitable fundraising regime.

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