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The latest

Lets fix fundraising (video), 30 August 2017

"Charities launch campaign to deregulate the sector", 30 August 2017

Charity Sector Pushes to Change Outdated Fundraising Regulations, 30 August 2017

The need for fundraising reform, ABC News 24, 30 August 2017

Calls for reform to charity fundraising rules, ABC The World Today, 30 August 2017

Small victory for fundraising reform, Pro Bono News, 31 August 2017

Before that

"Call on governments to work together to fix the fundraising mess," 6 April 2017

"Australian Consumer Law best way to rein in fundraising fraud", 16 March 2017

"Its bizarre. Its been more than a decade. Its time to #fixfundraising", 9 February 2017

Launch of the #fixfundraising campaign

See our Media Release of 17 September 2016

Other media

Last Updated: 30 August 2017

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