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A blockbuster week for charities policy

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In the last week, several significant policy developments for not-for-profits and charities have unfolded.

Federal government plans for the national charities regulator- the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)

On Tuesday December 10, The Federal Government announced its proposal to unwind the ACNC and create a new Centre for Excellence for the charitable sector, returning reuglatory oversight to the Australian Taxation Office.

For more information read Kevin Andrews MP's speech from earlier this year on the Coalition position on regulating the charitable sector, and an article from Pro Bono News.

Not-for-profit Law is committed to advocating for better regulation of charities in Australia and will continue to contribute to debate on the best approach to regulating charities.

Statutory definition of 'charity' saved by the bell

The Federal Government introduced a Bill seeking to defer the commencement of the statutory definition of 'charity' until September 2014. The Bill did not pass the Senate before the end of its last sitting day after the Greens introduced a number of amendments. Therefore, it is likely the definition will commence on 1 January 2014.
Director of Not-for-profit Law, Nathan MacDonald, appeared before a Senate Committee last week in defence of the statutory definition.
For more information read the ACNC's summary of the new definition.

Unrelated Business Income Tax axed

Today, the Federal Government announced that it will abandon plans to introduce a tax on unrelated business activities of charities. This development means that charities can continue to look to new models of sustaintably funding their activities through operating businesses.

It appears that proposed new 'in Australia' requirements will go ahead.

For more information, read the Pro Bono News summary.